When using the ProLazer Canon cartridges, you can count on great results in printing anything you want. The first and the main reason for that is experience.

Canon laser engines are used in many printers marketed by other manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard and Apple. These same engines are used in numerous copiers and fax machines as well as multi-function devices.

ProLazer Technologies provides free shipping and 45-day money back guarantee for all Compatible Canon Printer Cartridges purchased at our store.

Canon L-50 Toner $129.00

Canon Model 106 $129.00

Canon FX-1 $79.00

Canon FX-3 $59.00

Canon Model E-20 $69.00

Canon FX-4 $79.00

Canon FX-2 $79.00

Canon FX-6 $99.00

Canon EP-L $59.00

Canon E-31 Copier $119.00




Canon E-40 $119.00

Canon FX40 $89.00