Recycling makes good sense. Why use energy and raw materials when you can re-use what you would normally throw away. Toner cartridges are BIG BUSINESS! Once you purchase a laser printer or copier you must buy the consumables used in that machine. I have seen instances when the consumables replacement cost more than the laser printer itself! Not only does recycling SAVE YOU MONEY, it also helps to employ American Workers and has created a large, thriving industry paying living wages, local, state and federal taxes. Most new cartridges are "Made in Japan". Canon produces cartridges for all its laser printer engines in a robotic facility in Japan. These fit and are made for many OEM's such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple and others. Let's face it HP is 85% of the market and all HP black and white laser printer toner cartridges can be remanufactured. Some 25 million plus cartridges are imported each year into the United States, representing billions in trade to Japan. Check out our trade deficit numbers and you'll see why this is an important fact. Logo to enter our web site. Thanks and visit often!

Many people I have met are skeptical and many have tried inferior products in the past and not been satisfied.I can only say that you get what you pay for. Many rechargers picked up a toner cartridge and began to take it apart and put it back together again. Trial and error is the mantra. We began with a company called Lasers Edge. Our technicians are trained in the techniques of remanufacture by a man who helped develop the first Laser Printers some 39 Years ago. We have been remanufacturing for 9 years and specialize in Graphics Quality Cartridges. When you buy a Laser Printer you buy it for the quality, why then sacrifice the reason you bought it just too save a few bucks? ProLazer is ready to help you save money, recycle, shrink the trade deficit, employ Americans and still get the high quality you bought your printer for.I can't promise a customer they will never have a problem, but my failure rates are half of OEM's failure rate. I stand behind the product 100%, you will speak with the technician that actually did the remanufacturing and post testing. All cartridges are post tested.